Launch of Benefy, the #1 SME Benefits Marketplace.

July 2019 - Former Microsoft Compensation and Benefits Manager, Fernando Garcia announces the launch of Benefy, Brazil's # 1 SME Benefits Marketplace. Starting in August this year, small and medium-sized business owners who need to hire benefits for their employees will be able to compare plans, simulate costs and hire everything on a single platform.

Initially, the marketplace will have 08 benefits such as medical and dental plans, meal and food vouchers, transportation and fuel vouchers, as well as life and travel insurance from the main suppliers in the market: Amil, Bradesco, SulAmérica, Care Plus, Omint, MetLife, Porto Seguro, Icatu Seguros, NotreDame Intermédica Group, Sompo Seguros, VR, Sodexo, AssistCard, TravelAce among others.

According to Fernando Garcia, “Benefy's idea is to digitize and automate the process of purchasing and managing benefits, providing a unique experience, ease and simplicity for one of the fastest growing sectors of the country: the small and medium-sized company”.

In addition to all the digital experience, Juliana Mello, Partner at Benefy points out that SMEs need help, products and differentiated service. “When I left Whirlpool, (a multinational company that offers excellent benefits to employees) to set up my first company, I wanted to be able to choose and buy the same benefits that I had before with an affordable price. But that's not what happened. I came across numerous difficulties in this process of buying health care for a small company with only 05 employees: from finding the right information about plans to the lack of more assertive guidance on the part of brokers (much more focused on large accounts with more 100 employees). And it was at this moment that I realized that there wasn’t a single place that offered everything I needed, when I needed it, and without much bureaucracy. I had to do a lot of research and talk to a lot of people ... wasting precious time and leaving my main focus which was to generate business for my newly created company. That was 10 years ago. And we see, talking to small entrepreneurs that little has changed so far.

“Benefy is much more than just a digital benefits broker. It is also a consultancy since clients will have the guidance and support of professionals who are experienced in Human Resources and who understand the needs and difficulties of this niche market. We will make life easier for the SME. ”, Emphasizes Fernando Garcia.

About Benefy: Brazil's # 1 corporate benefits marketplace that simplifies how small and medium-sized businesses buy and manage employee benefits.